Hasta Memorial Scholl land was purchased


I have great news! Hasta Memorial Scholl land was purchased! I cannot express how happy I am!

When I received first financial support from my book in Portuguese through MCM in 2018, I had started to look for a suitable and affordable land to start the dreamed school. But I kept on struggling to get a good land at good price. Mostly, I was not finding a proper land. When I found, I could not afford, even the lands of the sloppy hills. It was too expensive.

Even though many people said me that I would never be able to buy a land for my school because I could not afford and did not like all land that I found, I was always hopeful in God that one day, He would send provisions and provide the right land at His time. Even hearing discouraging words, I trusted God! He knows when to give things on earth.

Then, by the grace of God and with the offerings from many wonderful hearts on August 3, 2020, I purchased the land in my village for the Hasta Memorial School.

Be happy with me! The dream will come true! Many children will have the opportunity to study and they will not have to go through the same path I was forced to!

You can see the photos of the land bellow. It is where the rice plantations are.

Nevertheless, I still need your help! There is a lot to do! Documents, construction, hire the right staff! Keep praying for me and give if you can!

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