Who I am

I am Anjali Tamang. I am 28 years old. I have worked as substitute teacher for 2 years, as a teacher for special class for 2 years and at last as a coordinating person for 8 preschool teachers in The Apple of God’s Eyes School for another 2 years.

I also have completed my education up to secondary in this school. Now, I am doing my Bachelor in Education faculty. I will graduate on it this year. I have done one-year Early Childhood Education training in ECEC Centre.

Today I have my identity, a normal regular life. A life in which no one will believe my past. I have a life full of hope and love. 14 years ago, my life was totally different.

I had no hope, dignity, value, love and future, but today I see future for me, my family, my community, my country and for the next generation.

You can go through my book, firstly released in Portuguese “A história de uma resgate” and now also in English titled “Standing in the Way“. I am grateful to Rafael Marques for writing my story in Portuguese and MCM for publishing it without any cost. I am also grateful to Sarah Symons for writing my story in English and blessing me without any cost. If you go through the books, you will know God’s grace, people’s love and support and lastly my past.

For whoever I am and whatever I have achieved till this date, all glory to God and those who were on my way to support, bless, help, guide, love, and fight for me. One of the biggest blessing was and is The Apple of God’s Eyes Nepal family. They took care of me and my needs for 7 years. They gave me eternal love, future, healing, support, education, and all that I had dreamed in my life.

The Dream

God gave me one dream to open a school to protect children and fight against girls trafficking in my village. I believe firstly that it is a God´s calling for me.

I also believe in the saying of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” and in the words of Victor Hugo, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” School was and is my dream.

When I was a child, I dreamed to go to school. When I got in school, I dreamed to build a school. I understood the beauty to be in school for knowledge, existence, and future. I dreamed about village children becoming different professionals creating source of hope for their family and society.

The vision is to be the best practical based educational centre in a certain remote area up to secondary level in 15 years. The mission is to stop girls trafficking, create qualified, competitive human resources to reduce dependence on the earnings through sexual slavery and reduce poverty.

The Achievements

In December 2020 we started the construction of the school, and we ended it by 2021 with the blessings and support of many individuals, churches, and organizations. Its name is Hasta Memorial School. Hasta was the name of my father. He was passionate about education. He worked hard to educate himself informally under candlelight 20 years ago and he always wanted to educate others.

We were able to build 7 classrooms, one library, 2 office rooms, 1 meeting room and 5 toilets. Besides that, we also built one small house with two kitchen rooms, one room with kitchen for the caretaker of the school, one guest room and three toilets. We have been able to create a small children’s playground and an assembly ground and sports area. We have space for handwash and dining. We also added a piece of land behind the school for future needs of construction.

In the middle of 2021, we opened the doors of the school for students. We received and educated 50 students in the first year with 8 teachers who were local young women. We hired a cook, a cleaner, an electrician and plumber and a guard for school operation. We received and educated 75 students with 10 teachers in the 2nd year of our journey. We are soon beginning our 3rd year journey.  Besides that, we are constructing rooms for hostel facilities to support far away students and rooms for teachers, volunteers, guests and workers. We are grateful to all individuals, churches and organisations for their love, blessings, and support. We are able to stand for others because you are standing with us. Nothing is possible alone, but everything becomes possible when we join together.

I have faith in Lord Jesus that He gave me this dream and He will guide me and provide all resources, knowledge, and people as He has already given me so many hearts with love and support which helped me until now.


I would like to welcome you to be part of this dream.

Let’s raise money to build a school in my village, to prevent more girls from being trafficked, to give them a bright future, to raise awareness and change the mindset of my people.

Click the Donate button to go to my GoFundMe page and give.


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